The Change your life in 30 days challenge
Empowering people to experience change by making daily committed decisions


Why this program?

  • I believe we can change with a little encouragement, and having an accountability partner can make a huge difference.
  • I believe that we are all each away from one decision that can change our lives completely for the better.
  • I believe it doesn’t really take a year, a month or a week or 30 days truly to change your life. It takes a committed decision.
  • This challenge offers an environment that supports you to make that committed decision to experience the change that you so secretly desire nothing more nothing less.

How it works

There are only 2 daily exercises required, we are going to set some  daily routines to aid your success in this program.

  1. The Gratitude moment: How you act is a function of your state of mind. Here we are intentional about creating a positive state of mind. Hence you record a 1 min of video of what you are grateful for every morning. (This is to be recorded each morning and to be shared on the closed Facebook group).
  2. The Reflection moment: They say “Evaluated experience is the best teacher.” Hence before you retire to bed daily, you record a 1 min video to share what went well for you that day and what could have gone better (This will also be shared on the closed Facebook group).


Other weekly activities

  1. Motivational Wednesdays – @ 7pm GMT for 1 hour (Live on closed FB Group, this can be watched at your own time on replay)
  2. Accountability Sundays: Group accountability sessions @7pm GMT for 1 hour on closed Facebook group – Everyone is invited to join in and share own experiences over the previous week and any learnings, highlights and challenges.

Video Testimonials

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