About Me


Speaking, Coaching and Writing – Living the dream


My First attempt to fly without wings – Speaking, Coaching, writing


Had a “Eureka moment” – Found my voice again and decided to live full with the aim to die empty.


Fell in love and married my sweetheart


Settled for anything life offered. Nothing spectacular


At age 25, I graduated from the University of Portsmouth UK with a Master’s degree in Business and Management and today he is a renowned International Speaker and a qualified Coach. The first in the family to obtain a Master’s degree, which is a big deal especially if you were in my story


Obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Information Technology from SMU India through a distance learning program with Aptech Worldwide.


Drove my first car without a practical test in Lagos as no regulatory requirement needed then. Things have changed drastically now thank God for that.


At age 15 he was the Student President of a youth group in his secondary school in Lagos Nigeria, where he was first introduced to the stage, he spoke regularly to the members of the group on a weekly basis. Here, I fell in love with what I was scared of – Speaking


Elected at the age of 10 as the President of the Kid’s Church


Spawned in Lagos, the second in the family of four.