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    “I found a freedom to cry and speak honestly about issues that were really painful knowing that I wasn’t being thought of badly or being judged for feeling the way I did, this was really important as these were the concerns that prevented me from seeking help earlier. There was constant encouragement all the way. Kelvin provided me with excellent guidance and words of wisdom that I find myself carrying into all sorts of situations today allowing me to deal with things in a better manner than I would have in the past. If I was asked to recommend a Life-Coach to anybody it would be Kelvin, without a shadow of doubt.”

    - Ify Akobundu,

    “The Coaching has been great. It has really helped me to become a better person and made me understand life better. It has enhanced my work performance as I have used some of the things I learnt and seen positive results. Overall, it has been a positive experience for me and I will continue to use what I learnt to motivate me through life.”

    - Taiwo Coker,

    “It helped give me the push I needed to get out there with the gift I have and to be seen and heard.”

    - Michael Uwoamah,
  •   Thank you very much for the session, Kelvin. What strikes me most is that you really care about other people and you want them to succeed. You are very passionate about coaching and therefore very genuine during the session. It makes it easier to open up to you – which in turn allows a more in-depth conversation. You don’t rush and allow your client to look into themselves only to see what amazing potential they have. Your passion is infectious. Thoroughly motivating! Thank you.”

    - Asia Pracz,
  •   “It was a great and uplifting experience. I got that wake up call I needed to start seeking for opportunities instead of giving excuses like ” I need to be ready before I move”. One of the things you said that touched me was “get the opportunities without being ready cause you’ll get ready during the journey anyways”.

    - Joseph Akintunde,
  •   “A free breakthrough coaching session with this amazing life coach is really recommended because at first, I was like “what could a life coach possibly do to me to make me better?” Perhaps I was initially being a “pompous Christian” but I allowed him to help me nonetheless and I have to say, things changed for the better even before the session finished and right after that, doors just opened as if I was being waited upon to just be READY FOR IT!!! (Can’t reveal that though lol) but after the conversation, I had clarity of mind. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I felt empowered to do it. Two weeks later, I still feel very empowered and can’t wait to see how that will transpire in my music/media production work in the coming weeks. I recommend Kelvin Inspires and I encourage you to go on this link now and book yourself a free session ASAP.”

    - Yinka Akinsanya,
  •    “Kelvin Uchemefune has changed my perceptive to setting goals and achieving them. I used to think achieving at your goals was a monumental task and needed a lot of work; but when I began coaching sessions with Kelvin, I accomplished a task in 5 months, which I previously struggled to complete in a year.   I realised that Kelvin`s regular coaching sessions always put me on the right course of my work and inspired me to stay focused. I`ve learned to appreciate the value of a coach behind every project or goal you wish to achieve because they provide strength and persistence when the road seems tough. If you are looking for inspiration in anything you do, look no further, for Kelvin inspires!”

    - B. Mbonde,
  •   “I am fully satisfied with the consultations I recently had with Kelvin. Prior to our sessions, I didn’t know what life coaching was or what it involved. I got into it as a matter of curiosity when he introduced it to me.  I challenged him to a few test sessions just so I could understand what it was about and I must say I was extremely happy with the way he approached our sessions. I picked a random problem area in my life that Kelvin should coach me in and I can testify that he inspired me to be a better person and to do what I needed to do to bring real changes in this area. Kelvin is professional, easy to work with, intelligent, practical and sensitive in his approach. I can proudly say that I am already experiencing a difference in perspective and things have changed for me in a positive light since I consulted with Kelvin. I don’t regret being nosy, it paid off. Thank you Kelvin.”

    - I. Gatheru,
  •   “Dear Kelvin. I would like to thank you immensely for devoting your invaluable time earlier this week applying your excellent breakthrough session on my friend V.W. As a result, she was positively inspired and motivated by you. You are truly wonderful and deserve the very best life has to offer. With kindest regards.”

    - R.Chan,
  •   “Dear Kelvin, Thank you very much indeed for a powerful and helpful coaching session on Tuesday the 11th of August 2015.

    I want to say I left the session feeling wired and so excited that I could not sleep much that night. It felt very good to have your challenge and support.  I started to believe that I can do this. Since then I still feel positive, focused and purposeful. I am now talking about the idea as if it is already here. It feels real and most importantly it feels entirely possible and I have no fear that I will fail. I am in a very good place and I am looking forward to working with you again.”
    - V. Westwell,